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Inside you will find:

  • Best brands with natural ingredients
  • Natural ways to reduce stress & anxiety
  • Natural ingredients to have on hand at home
  • + 7 other important natural living categories


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Inside you will find:

  • Natural birthing bag essentials
  • Kid-friendly essential oils & information
  • Natural family groups, blogs & podcasts to follow
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  • Top vendors for ingredients & packaging
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See those two well-rested people out enjoying a leisurely stroll around Venice, CA?  That’s us, Christine and Michael.  Before kids.  Before becoming homeowners.  Before the rush of ‘real life.’  Just hangin.  Relaxin.  Mosyin.

We had time to research everything about natural living.  Products, companies, ingredients, remedies, you name it.

What started as a love of making DIY personal care products quickly turned into a side-hustle, and then into a legit source of income as life unfolded before us.

With two cross-country moves + two houses + two kids later, we quickly learned that had we not acquired knowledge about natural living prior, we most definitely wouldn’t have the time to now.  And we know that this issue of time is stopping people from leading the healthy lives that they could be.

This website is designed to be a timesaving one-stop shop on your journey to wellness and to make jumping on the natural train TOTALLY DOABLE

Keep reading to learn about our natural products, natural living blog, and resources we are rolling out to help you start your own naturally-inspired business…

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Our Personal Care Product Reviews

small batch • handmade • all natural

Alkanet Root Organic Lip Tint

“Great Lip tint, love the ability to layer for color and you can’t beat the all natural goodness. Very happy!”

– Sarah S • Lake Alfred, FL

Warming Muscle Balm with Arnica Infusion

“This is amazing! Works wonders on my daughters sore legs from hours of dancing. This is the first product that has worked, and we have tried MANY! Thank you so much!”

– Erin K • Wentzville, MO

Organic Lip Balm

“Arrived quickly. Has worked wonders on my winter dried lips. I have overly sensitive skin that reacts quickly to artificial ingredients, so I can say with confidence that Treesnail is telling the truth when she says there’s no junk in her products!”

– Blaine M • Weymouth, MA

Sensitive Skin Facial Serum

This serum is incredible! I’ve been using plain rosehip oil as my face moisturizer for a few years and decided to give this serum a try. I have extremely sensitive skin and most everything makes me itch or breakout so I was a little hesitant to try this. I’m so glad I did. The smell is amazing and this is the first winter my skin isn’t itchy and dry. My skin looks and feels the best it has in years.

– Angie G • Kansas City, MO

The Time-Saving Resource Guide for Your Natural Living Lifestyle


For those of you on the natural living journey that don't have time to get lost in yet another internet search that leaves you even more confused than when you started.

We put the BEST of the BEST into a 10-category guide so you can STOP searching and START living naturally. 

  • Top 5 Wellness Blogs to Follow
  • Top 5 Brands with Natural Ingredients
  • Top 5 Essential Oils to Have at Home
  • Top 5 Ways to Reduce Stress & Anxiety Naturally

and more!

"This guide is so freaking awesome! I’ve been living naturally for over 10 years and I discovered some great new resources and information in this guide. Thank you so much!! I wish this guide existed 10 years ago. It would have saved me hours of research and loads of overwhelm and confusion. The design is beautiful and the layout is extremely well designed and easy to read."

Angie Gensler

"A concise, but vast array of natural living information all at my fingertips from a company that I completely trust. The constant Googling gets exhausting. I have never seen anything like this, that covers so many topics...I especially love the food and cosmetic sections where you listed the really bad ingredients. This will make it super easy to pull up at the store without having to Google ingredients."

Jamie Howard

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