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The ultimate #momhustle dilemma…

Three things are true:

You are passionate about natural living.

You stay home with your kids.

You have a big brain.

You know that you can help others embrace a more natural lifestyle, but which business model to choose?


You’re a mom.  You don’t have time for curveball surprises, false promises that you’ll make thousands in your first week, and hidden startup costs that no one warned you about. 

In this free 5 day email course, I break down every detail of both industries so that you are 100% CLEAR going in exactly what to expect.

Let’s take the time together to see what is going to be the best fit for your unique skills, your family, and your other daily Superwoman responsibilities.


Learn what’s entailed in both the handmade ecommerce and blogging worlds:

Time Requirements Each Day

Space Needed to do Business

Startup Costs

When to Expect Results

Register TODAY to get valuable information about each industry, printable PDFs to help you organize your thoughts and resources, and access to our Natural Mompreneur Mastermind support group:

I see you. You love being at home with your beautiful children, nurturing them and watching them learn more every day.

But inside, you need something to bend that gloriously creative brain of yours while also fueling a project that is JUST for you.

You want to build a home-based business – but you keep getting stuck down the Pinterest Rabbit Hole looking for ideas, shortcuts, and what other moms have done to ‘make it all happen’.

It seems impossible to do research and change diapers and meal prep and teach sharing and potty train and do laundry and do more research…and and and.

You want a profitable side-hustle that doesn’t come with the guilt of having your head stuck in a computer all day while your kids beg for your attention.

Same.  And I already did the heavy-lifting-learning part of this gig so that you don’t have to.  Welcome to The Natural Mompreneur Community – so excited you’re here!

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