// our mission

Treesnail is our beloved all-natural company in St. Louis, Missouri that hand makes small batch recipes with dried herbs, natural butters, and therapeutic-grade essential oils.

We create products for your entire chemical-free-family, even the itty bittys.  Our line consists of all-natural maternity & newborn care, skin care, aromatherapy oils, linen sprays, and gift-ready sets of everything above. 

Our mission is to make natural living approachable where ever you are in your journey. 

By providing natural products a body and household needs on a daily basis, we hope to bring you one step closer to embracing a mindful, nontoxic lifestyle.  

Our ever-growing blog touches on natural living topics in layman's terms so that the guesswork is taken out of all the fancy-pants lingo that the organic industry is surrounded by.  By giving you the WHAT and WHY, you will gain new-found confidence to make informed choices that are right for you and your family.   


// our journey to family-preneurship

My  name is Christine, owner of Treesnail Natural Essentials and an entrepreneur by the very nature of my soul.  I am the wife and business partner to the man of my dreams (Michael, who is also Treesnail’s videographer, guinea pig, and all things creative genius) and the mommy to two little girls of my dreams.

Michael and I were born, raised, and now live in St. Louis, Missouri, though our 5 year stay in Los Angeles, California has left a permanent footprint on our hearts and has guided our dreams and aspirations.

Living in California spurred Michael’s and my curiosity about all things natural, not the least the products we put on our skin and use in our home.  That curiosity led to us making our own products and looooooots of experimentation with natural ingredients.  

We LOVED what we were creating and wanted to share it with the world.

Thanks to technology, Los Angeles traffic, and my hours of ‘free’ time sitting on the bus to and from my  9 to 5, Treesnail Natural Essentials was born. 

In the span of five years, Michael and I moved twice in Los Angeles, got married, moved back to St. Louis, and had two children (I know...we're still catching our breath too, seriously).  

Thanks to our new babies, companies that put totally unnecessary chemicals into their infant-care products, hours of ‘free’ time while nursing, and lots more experimentation, our product line grew.


Michael and I create and test every single product we sell on our own family.  We only create things that our growing household personally needs, so when you see a product in our line, you know we've been using it on the daily.  

We are SO looking forward to continuing our natural journey with you!


Breathe Deep,

Christine & Michael