About Treesnail

It is our mission to make natural living approachable wherever you are in your journey.


Treesnail was created to help others live more naturally…without having to bounce around to seventy million different websites to get a straightforward answer.

This is your one-stop shop for everything natural living.   

BOOKMARK this site, as we are adding new information, products, and resources every single week to help you on your own journey.


Treesnail Natural Essentials is made up of three parts:

1. Handmade Natural Skin Care and Wellness Products

2. Natural Living Blog

3. Natural Business Building

Natural Skin Care & Wellness Products


All Treesnail personal care products are handmade by yours truly in St. Louis, Missouri in super small batches (and most are made to order).

Our line consists of all-natural maternity & mama care, natural skin care, organic lip care, aromatherapy roller oils, nontoxic disinfectant & linen sprays, and natural gift sets of everything above.

Every ingredient that we use is listed on our labels and product descriptions so that you can know, without a doubt, what you are putting onto your body.  Even if it’s under 0.0001%.

Our incredibly small ingredient list is made up of herbally-infused oils, organic butters, pure essential oils, vegetable carrier oils, and natural colorants such as clay, indigo, and alkanet.  That’s it.  No synthetic preservatives, fragrances, or dyes. 

Natural Living Blog


Our ever-growing blog touches on natural living topics in layman’s terms so that the guesswork is taken out of all the fancy-pants lingo that the organic industry is surrounded by.

By giving you the WHAT and WHY, you will gain new-found confidence to make informed choices that are right for you and your family.

Our biweekly articles consist of essential oil profiles, natural DIY personal care recipes, natural parenting ideas, and more.

Want to see certain content covered? Just drop us a line on our contact form!

Natural Business Building


The organic personal care industry is expected to increase 25% across the globe by 2025, including skin care, hair care, oral care, and cosmetics.

This is huge…it shows that the world is READY and INTERESTED in living a more natural lifestyle.  As of now, the majority of that 25.11 billion (USD) increase will go towards large corporate companies that don’t fully disclose their ingredient lists, entirely defeating the purpose of educating yourself on HOW to read a label.

Let’s challenge that. By building as many small, transparent, informative natural businesses as we can, we can spread the word about what to look for.  What brands to trust.  What ingredients to avoid. Together, we can create some noise and make natural living understandable. 

Want to make and sell products of your own?

Want to teach others how to make products from home?

Want to spread the word about natural products and companies you trust?

We’ll show you how.

The Future of Treesnail


While we always have several (upon several) natural personal care products in the experimentation and roll-out phase, our mind and hearts are dedicated to expanding the educational side of natural living.

Over the next few years, you can expect consistent growth in our natural living blog and a focus on building our Treesnail Community.  We believe in power in numbers.  By working together and spreading the knowledge of natural living, we truly can make an impact on the health, wellness, and overall quality of life for so many people.

We are currently putting together resources for those of you who are already on the natural train and have information to share.  Whether you are a maker, a teacher, or an influencer, it’s time to spread that knowledge through the power of the internet and networking.

Stay tuned for our five-day email course that will get you started on your path towards making your passion for natural living into a side hustle (and eventually your primary source of income). 


Our Journey to Family-Preneurship

My  name is Christine, owner of Treesnail Natural Essentials and an entrepreneur by the very nature of my soul.  I am the wife and business partner to the man of my dreams (Michael, who is also Treesnail’s videographer, guinea pig, and all things creative genius) and the mommy to two little girls of my dreams.

Michael and I were born, raised, and now live in St. Louis, Missouri, though our 5 year stay in Los Angeles, California has left a permanent footprint on our hearts and has guided our dreams and aspirations.

Living in California spurred Michael’s and my curiosity about all things natural, not the least the products we put on our skin and use in our home.  That curiosity led to us making our own products and looooooots of experimentation with natural ingredients.


Thanks to technology, Los Angeles traffic, and my hours of ‘free’ time sitting on the bus to and from my  9 to 5, Treesnail Natural Essentials was born.

In the span of five years, Michael and I moved twice in Los Angeles, got married, moved back to St. Louis, moved twice again, and had two children (I know…we’re still catching our breath, too.  Seriously).

Thanks to our babies, companies that put totally unnecessary chemicals into their infant-care products, hours of ‘free’ time while nursing, and lots more experimentation, our product line grew.

We are beyond excited to continue growing the educational side of Treesnail with the help of our natural community (psst…that’s you)!


Why the name Treesnail?

Well then.  Slight confession.

Back when I officially incorporated Treesnail Natural Essentials in 2013, I didn’t know that a treesnail was an actual type of snail. I thought I was making up a brand new word (and didn’t even bother to Google it, embarrassingly enough). 

I started as a fine arts major in college, and Treesnail was the name of my first Etsy shop in 2008 where I sold my paintings.

The tree in this picture was the object of 99% of my artwork for about 6 years, and is the oldest oak tree in Missouri. 

I. Loved. That. Tree.

It was huge.

It was old.

It had staples and nails and barbed wire all woven into its trunk from years of musicians and artists tacking up their show flyers that were happening in country-hippie-land a few miles down.

Despite all the damage people had done to the tree, it kept growing around all of it…healing itself…choosing to grow stronger.

It was beyond epic.

During the same time, I was also in love with a band called The Format, who later turned into F.U.N. (turns out everyone does have a price and compromise). One of their top hits was called “Snails” with the refrain, “Snails see the benefits, the beauty, in every inch of life….”.

So. Treesnail became the name of my first Etsy business where I sold all of my tree artwork.  (Tree + Snail…you follow?)

My career has shifted to creating all-natural skin care, green beauty, and aromatherapy products, but the history had to come with it.  I still love and adore my business name and feel it truly embodies the changes that unfold with life, absolutely case and point.

The continuous goal for my business, family, marriage, and self is to embrace this founding concept of Treesnail.

So happy to have you with us on this journey!!!

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