About Treesnail, Journeys, & Mompreneurship

My  name is Christine, owner of Treesnail Natural Essentials and an entrepreneur by the very nature of my soul.  I am the wife and business partner to my forever lobster (Michael, who is also Treesnail’s videographer, guinea pig, and all things creative genius) and the mommy to two incredibly spirited little girls of my dreams.

I have been making natural products to sell via ecommerce since 2013 and have sold on Etsy, Shopify, Wix, Pattern, Squarespace, Ecohabitude, Wanelo, and am planning to give Woocommerce a shot…after my girls are in school (I am but a one person show, after all).

My formal college degree is in K-12 Art Education and I have some solid brag years of teaching high schoolers prior to becoming a mama bear.  My no-fluff teaching style and background helps other busy stay at home moms build their own online empires as efficiently as possible (and I don’t even have to tell you to put your cell phone away, as with my previous teacher life…bonus points for us both!).

(Making cold process soap.)

So…why the career shift to natural products?

Michael and I were born, raised, and now live in St. Louis, Missouri, but we took a 5 year vacation to Los Angeles, CA and it left us with about a bajillion dreams and aspirations.

(Mike and I walking around Venice Beach…pre-kids and rested.)

California spurred Michael’s and my curiosity about all things natural, not the least the products we put on our skin and use in our home.  That curiosity led to us making our own products and looooooots of experimentation with natural ingredients.


Thanks to technology, Los Angeles traffic, and my hours of ‘free’ time sitting on the bus to and from my 9 to 5, Treesnail Natural Essentials was born.

In the span of five years, Michael and I moved twice in Santa Monica, got married, moved back to St. Louis, moved twice again, and had two children (I know…we’re still catching our breath, too.  Seriously).

Thanks to our babies, companies that put totally unnecessary chemicals into their infant-care products, hours of ‘free’ time while nursing, and lots more experimentation, our product line grew.

So…why shift again to online teaching?

Developing this handmade business has made it possible for me to stay home with my girls. I want that for you. I so desperately want that for you. 

I want you to be able to make money from home without having your head in a computer all day, putting your few precious hours into an unsustainable, fleeting #momhustle that leaves all your friends burnt out on constant invites to FB sales parties. That’s my why.

The world needs: 

  • more companies and products without life-threatening, allergy-producing, toxic crap
  • more people to spread the word about natural living
  • more communities thriving with the help of small, local businesses

The world needs: 

  • more kids that have a solid, grounded beginning to life 
  • more parents that are present and invested in their childrens’ intellectual and emotional development
  • more families that learn and grow together to create a solid unit of togetherness and support that seems to be fading into today’s society

This online empire of yours (that we’ll create together!) helps all those things happen. That’s my why.

(Work while they sleep, adventures while they’re awake…#workfromhomemomlife.)

It took me six years to bring my ecommerce business to where it is now.  I spent a ridiculous amount of time experimenting with different ingredients, researching the best vendors, testing out my products, learning all of the various ecommerce platforms…there’s no time for you to do that as a stay at home mom (I mean, if you want to see a return anytime soon). 

There’s absolutely no reason you should have to put in that preliminary work (and money) for a scalable business model when I already have. I’m alllll about using my teaching background and business-building experience to help you create your own empire.  In a fraction of the time. I mean, hello. I’m a stay at home mom. You and I both know efficiency is the key to getting ANYTHING done.

I’m here to fast-track your journey to success. That’s my why, too.

So…what’s the deal with the company name, ‘Treesnail’?  That’s not even a thing.

Well, come to find out, it is a thing.   But slight confession.

Back when I officially incorporated Treesnail Natural Essentials in 2013, I didn’t know that a treesnail was an actual type of snail. I thought I was making up a brand new word (and didn’t even bother to Google it, embarrassingly enough). 

I started as a fine arts major in college…before freaking out about my future and diving into art education as the closest thing.

Treesnail was the name of my first Etsy shop in 2008 where I sold my paintings. 

(Sidenote: I see you doing math.  Yes, Etsy was also created in 2008.  I’ve been an Etsyian since literally the very beginning). 

The tree in this picture was the object of 99% of my artwork for about 6 years, and is the oldest oak tree in Missouri.

I. Loved. That. Tree.

It was huge.

It was old.

It had staples and nails and barbed wire all woven into its trunk from years of musicians and artists tacking up their show flyers that were happening in country-hippie-land a few miles down.

Despite all the damage people had done to the tree, it kept growing around all of it…healing itself…choosing to grow stronger.

It was beyond epic.

During the same time, I was also in love with a band called The Format (who later turned into F.U.N. …turns out everyone does have a price and compromise I guess). 

Anyways, one of their top hits was called “Snails” with the refrain, “Snails see the benefits, the beauty, in every inch of life….”.


Treesnail became the name of my first Etsy business where I sold all of my tree artwork.  (Tree + Snail…get it?)

After our stay in California, my Etsy career shifted to creating all-natural skin care, green beauty, and aromatherapy products, but the history had to come with it. 

I still love and adore my business name and feel it truly embodies the changes that unfold with life, absolutely case and point.

The continuous goal for my marriage, family, business and self is to embrace this founding concept of Treesnail….bend like a tree, stay firm in my roots, and enjoy every inch of the journey.

So…what else?

Well, if you’re reading down this far, I suppose you wanna be friends.  *Warm fuzzies*

In case ya wanna know…

  • I make coffee so thick that my husband calls it syrup.  You’ve been warned.
  • I live for Cabernet so dry that it makes me choke.
  • My  nickname in high school was Weiner.  As in, Christiner-Weiner. Pretty unfortunate.  But it rhymes. 
  • I birthed both my girls using the Hypnobirthing Method…before Meghan Markle made it a thing.  I think that makes me the trend setter without the credit.
  • I would be okay with only hearing Dave Matthews, Iron & Wine, Jeff Buckley, Peter Simon, Simon & Garfunkel, and Alanis Morisette for the rest of my life.  I adore them. (Now guess how old I am.)
  • I used to be a rock-band-photographer-wannabe and would stand *this-close* to speakers at concerts.  Without ear plugs. I said goodbye to 40% of my hearing in exchange for some pretty awesome pictures, which means we’ll have to chat via email, text, or our private Facebook Group.  Sound good? (See what I did there?)

(Just a *bit* excited to breathe out my 2nd Hypno Baby.)

(My daughter’s legit joy to have you on this journey.) 

So…your turn! 

Tell me about you! 

What do you love?

Why are you interested in this business model? 

What questions do you have that I can answer for you? 

Give me a shout on the form below or drop me an email at christine @ treesnail.love.  They all go straight to me!

Can’t wait to connect and begin this journey together!