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An AMAZING list of gift ideas for the ‘Mommy and Me Yoga’ duo…for yoga newbies and experts alike! The items below will get any child excited about special bonding time with momma and create a positive association with yoga, exercise, and balance.

All of the yoga gifts on this list have been hand-selected from personal experience with my own littles and/or support of small, handmade businesses that use sustainable and nontoxic materials.

Mommy & Me Yoga Gift Idea #1:

Eco-Friendly, Nontoxic Kids Yoga Mat

A gender-neutral yoga mat that helps kids to learn different poses with the help of easily identifiable images printed directly on the mat.

This is a junior-sized, ecofriendly mat for children 2 to 10 years old. A MUST for Mommy and Me Yoga time!

Mommy & Me Yoga Gift Idea #2:

Handmade Tiered Yoga Mat Holder

With littles in the house, it is sooo hard to keep things tidy, organized, and clean. I feel ya!

Organize your growing yoga gear collection (and keep it off the floor!) with this absolutely GORGEOUS handmade mat holder that has been expertly created with nontoxic finishes and fire burning techniques. Vegan options available!

If you need something a bit smaller in your space, check out Lisa Ann’s entire shop that has other amazing storage options for your yoga mats and blocks.

All handmade in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by Wudu Warehouse.

Mommy & Me Yoga Gift Idea #3:

Matching Yoga Shirts

I don’t know a single mama that doesn’t love to be twinsies with her little (even if she won’t openly admit it 😆).

These matching Yoga Mommy & Me shirts come in a variety of colors and sizes and are handmade in St. Petersburg, Florida by Tina from Sun Baked Apparel.

Tina also creates mommy and me sets in a more unisex t-shirt style, as well as baby body suits for the smallest of yoga partners!

Mommy & Me Yoga Gift Idea #4:

Handmade Yoga Socks (for kids and adults)


Keep those little legs warm (and super trendy!) with open-toed wool yoga socks perfect for the colder months (and can double as boot socks)!

These hypoallergenic lovelies are made by hand from Alpaca wool by Evelina in Vilnius, Lithuania and come in sizes from newborns to adults with 18 different color options.

Mommy & Me Yoga Gift Idea #5:

‘Good Morning Yoga’ Book

SUCH an awesome way to start your child’s day (and also a REALLY great way to keep them busy while getting breakfast ready!).

This morning children’s yoga book has easy-to-replicate pictures and poses that even a two year old can follow along independently (speaking from experience!). The simple affirmations are uplifting, confidence-building statements that stick with your child and become their inner voice.

The best children’s yoga book we have found!!!

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Mommy & Me Yoga Gift Idea #6:

‘Good Night Yoga’ Book

The evening version of the book above with even more awesomeness. We actually have TWO copies of this book because our little asks for it so often.

This nighttime children’s yoga book has become a staple in our bedtime routine and is legit fun for the WHOLE family to do together.

Another MUST for any Mommy and Me Yoga duo.

Mommy & Me Yoga Gift Idea #7:

Natural Yoga Gift Set

Disinfect your child’s yoga mat with a pure essential oil recipe to keep their mat clean and germ free, while also keeping toxic chemicals off of little hands and feet!

An all-natural yoga gift set that includes a warming muscle balm (for adult use only), an organic lavender lip balm, a calming essential oil roller, and a chemical-free yoga mat cleaning spray.

Handmade with love in St. Louis, Missouri by Christine from Treesnail Natural Essentials.

Mommy & Me Yoga Gift Idea #8:

Sustainable Kids Yoga Block

A useful accessory for your little yogi as they learn to balance on their own and try more challenging poses.

These super lightweight children’s yoga blocks keep them sturdy as a beginner and will help them acheive even greater flexibility as they become more advanced.

Kindergie makes all of their products with ecofriendly materials that are also nonabsorbent so that bacteria from your little’s hands don’t get trapped in the block (three hoorays for no germs and no smell!).

Mommy & Me Yoga Gift Idea #9:

‘Yoga for Families’ DVD

SUPER fun for the whole family to do together! This family yoga DVD keeps the attention of my 3 year old, and the animal noises make it fun for my 18-month-old to participate, too!

This runs about half an hour, but you can skip around to different parts if you need a shorter session than that.

A sweet bonding activity that includes individual stretching as well as yoga partner poses. Great exercise and giggles for me and my oldest daughter while the little one naps!

Mommy & Me Yoga Gift Idea #10:

Yoga Spinner Game

An awesome addition to a family’s game collection that is super easy to learn and explain!

Best suited for children 3 and older, this yoga game has a variety of beginner and advanced yoga poses so that everyone feels challenged and engaged.

Another fun Mommy & Me Yoga activity for my oldest daughter and I to do while the wee one has her afternoon nap!

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 What are Your Favorite Ideas for Mommy and Me Yoga Time?

Share your ideas in the comments below!

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