Now more than ever, stay-at-home-moms are choosing to spend their little down time on creating businesses that can be managed online.

The BEST mompreneur gifts you can give her are items and education that will help her build her business by standing out on social media and web-based platforms.

Not sure if you have a mompreneur on your list?  Some of the most popular mom hustles include:

  • Blogging
  • Running a handmade shop on marketplaces such as Etsy & IndieMade
  • Selling for Multi-level Marketing (MLM) companies such as Young Living, Norwex, 31, Pampered Chef, etc.

Mom entrepreneurs spend most of their time marketing themselves and their businesses on visual platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Our top gift ideas below can be added to social media photos for extra attention – clothes for her, clothes for her tribe, and a few accessories that can be thrown into any photo shoot.

As an extra bonus, there are four business-boosting digital products that will teach her how to skyrocket her followers, reach, and ultimately, income.  NO better gift than education!



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Category 1: Wearable Mompreneur Gear

Wearable gear can make the best mompreneur gifts – they’re comfy, can be worn with the typical mom wardrobe (cami and yoga pants!), and can also make any selfie stand out in a social feed!

#Mompreneur Racerback Tank

This lightweight #Momprenuer racerback tank top is such an easy win.  It’s comfy, stylish (raw edges and form-fitting cut), and can be dressed up or down.

The model shown here is wearing Heather White, but there are eight colors available to choose from – bonus points for taking a look at the recipient’s website or social media feed to see if you can grab a color that matches her business branding!

#Mompreneur Fanny Pack

With the 1990s back in style, I don’t know any mom entrepreneur that wouldn’t LOVE to take advantage of the functionality of this super fun fanny pack made just for her!

The exterior of the hip pack is wipeable (hello spilled juice and sticky baby hands), and the inside has a little pocket perfect for business cards while out and about.

Perfect for a quick trip to the park or any other adventure that doesn’t require the full-fledged diaper bag!

#Mompreneur Long Sleeve Tee

For a bit more of a ‘polished’ look, this mompreneur long sleeve t-shirt is another great option for her promotional wardrobe.  A bit more flair than your standard tee – scoop neck, curved hem, and stretchy sleeves keep momma looking good while reppin’ her business-owning status.

This style is available in white or gray – both that complement any branding color palette.  Ten points for the on-trend Saturday Script that is taking center stage in many mompreneur font libraries!


Which Mompreneur gig is right for you???

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Category 2: Baby Mompreneur Gear

Look through any mompreneur’s social media feed and you are bound to see some pics of her tribe.  Getting a ‘behind the scenes’ glimpse into any company is the new standard practice (‘people follow people, not companies’).

Let’s get those park photo shoots to do a bit more legwork for the hard-working mama, shall we?  The wearable baby gear below are some of the best mompreneur gifts that will increase the engagement on her posts!

‘I Love My #Mompreneur’ Baby Bib

This embroidered ‘i heart my #mompreneur’ baby bib is just screaming for a spaghetti-mess photo shoot!

A mom can’t have too many bibs on hand, making this one of the most functional and best mompreneur gifts for a baby shower, pregnancy gift, or holiday celebration.

Mama bears are forever taking pictures of their kids eating, and this one-size-fits-all bib will help promote her biz at the same time!

Available in pink, blue, and gray options with navy blue stitching.

‘I Love My #Mompreneur’ Baby Snapsuit

Seriously though.  Can you think of an easier gifting win for the momma business owner in your life?  A fun spin on the traditional ‘I Love My Mom’ gear, perfect for Instagram and giving a mompreneur some extra smiles.

This baby basic comes in white, baby pink, yellow, and gray for 3 month olds all the way up to 24 months.

An effortless way to show your support!

‘I Love My #Mompreneur’ Baby Tee

A baby tee for 6 to 24 months – ‘i (heart) my #mompreneur’ is an excellent option for mommas that don’t want to mess with the extra step of the snaps in the bodysuit above.

This class fit t-shirt comes in white, pink, and blue with a navy handwritten font.

Another easy win for a baby shower, new business launch, or Secret Santa fun!

‘I Love My #Mompreneur’ Toddler Tee

And just one more sizing version for the mom boss with bigger kids!  This ‘i (heart) my #mompreneur’ tee is for 2 to 5 year olds that love seeing their mommy make her dreams come true!

Also available in white, blue, and pink, this toddler t-shirt is super durable for even the roughest of outdoor playtime.

Perfectly matches the snapsuit and baby tee versions for siblings – recipe for an epic photo session!


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Category 3: Mompreneur Accessories

Because wearable gear requires washing (and sometimes that can take the backburner!), having some mompreneur accessories to gift is clearly a win.

These gift ideas are awesome because they can be photographed on their own without mom having to get herself *somewhat* presentable for a selfie, or they can be strategically placed in a studio space shot or flatlay. 

#Mompreneur Organic Tote Bag

A canvas tote just for the #mompreneur that is right in between a diaper bag and briefcase.

Help keep her laptop, planners, notebooks, and post-its organized all in one spot with this organic tote bag that can hold up to 30 pounds of epic business ideas.

This is a great gift option if you don’t know her size for any of the apparel above or want to get her something she can use every day!

#Mompreneur Coffee Mug

A guaranteed prop for selfies galore!  Can’t you just see a post of her eyes peeking over this #Mompreneur coffee mug when scrolling through your Instagram feed???

A minimalist design that will fit any mom boss’ branding that comes in two sizes – 11oz and 15oz (bigger is always better…our two cents).

This bad boy is microwave and dishwasher safe so that she doesn’t have to spend any extra time handwashing her new favorite business promo piece.

#Mompreneur Laptop Decal

A super tiny detail that could easily become a coffee shop conversation starter (yay for in-person networking!).

This opaque #mompreneur laptop decal can be used on more than just her Mac.  A vinyl sticker that comes in 3 sizes for use on notebooks, planners, cars, phone cases, and more.

Shower her with multiple so she can stick that flair everywhere!  One of the best mompreneur gifts for any budget.


Category 4: Mompreneur Education

One of the most challenging things about any side gig is that there is SO much information available online that give advice and tutorials.

This can be overwhelming, especially for a mompreneur who doesn’t have hours in her day to sit and research and sift through countless blog posts to find out which strategy will work for her business.

Ecourses and ebooks provide direct instruction from ONE educator and save a RIDICULOUS amount of time – the educational resources below will no doubt the best mompreneur gifts she receives to build her online empire.

Social Media Content Calendar

Mom brain is a real thing and can result in having ZERO ideas when it comes time to get social media engagement for your business.

Having a social media content calendar makes it super easy to post every day, and this particular version by Angie Gensler is full of proven prompts that result in action.

One of the best mompreneur gifts possible, because you’re really giving the gift of time and increased customer base!

Start a Mom Blog eCourse

Having a blog is an essential piece to any business model in today’s online world.  A blog can stand alone on its own, or can be added to any handmade ecommerce, drop shipping, MLM, or service-oriented business.

Blog  by Number is an ecourse written specifically for moms and walks through how to get a blog started with very easy to follow step-by-step instructions.  An absolute must for any mompreneur.

Creating Natural Essentials eBook

Have a mom on your hands that loves to make her own natural products as gifts?  That is the foundation for an incredibly successful business idea that she can start from her own kitchen.

This ebook provides the crunchy mama with 7 trending natural skin care recipes – also includes how to price for profit, where to get supplies and ingredients, and ongoing business support.

Instagram Ivy League eCourse

Instagram is the platform to be on when starting a business from home.  You can reach an infinite amount of people with similar interests, and there are countless ways to market your biz for free (posts, Stories, DMs, etc.).

This Instagram course walks any busy person through a super high level strategy that will bring their business to a whole new level.

For serious mompreneur’s only.  This gift is *literally* a gold mine.


Get 17 pages of tips from maker mamas in the natural skin care scene…vendors, ingredients, ecommerce platforms, getting repeat customers, and even a link to join our mompreneur’s mastermind group. All. For. Free.

Whether you choose a #momprenuer laptop sticker or the Instagram course, the business-building mom on your list will be SO blown away by the thought you put into your gift.  Her babies and her company are her world…no doubt she will remember your effort to find something ‘uniquely her’ forever.

WHAT is your favorite gift idea above???



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