If you’re searching for the perfect #momhustle, I’m sure you’ve come across the lists of “20 million business ideas for stay-at-home moms that promise a thousand USD in your first week”…or something along those lines.

Unfortunately, a lot of the proposed side gigs out there don’t have longevity or don’t fulfill the creative side of your brain you long to use while still raising your tribe.

What you need is a business that you can start in increments – an hour before your kids wake up, an hour while they’re napping, and maybe even an hour after they’re in bed.

What you need is a business that will continue to grow even while you’re playing with your kids or prepping your weekly meal plan.

What you need is a business model that will wake up your ‘mom brain’ and allow you to use your passion for natural living to help other families while simultaneously helping your own.


Educating Others about Natural Products & Natural Living

If you are reading this article, you clearly have an interest and/or background in natural products and natural living.

Wanna hear something crazy? 

Even if you are on the U.S. West Coast, which happens to be more ‘naturally minded’ statistically, you are still the MINORITY.  

It is amazing how small the natural/organic industry really is, and how the knowledge that you have about natural living is NOT that common.

The REALLY exciting thing though, is that people are READY for this information – we just have to find the best way to get that info OUT there for your particular future following!

As individuals who already know a thing or two about natural living, it’s our job to educate our peers and audience.  It’s a legit responsibility.

What do You Have to Say?

As you begin to think about your ideal natural living empire, what do you have to say?  What do you want to communicate?  The message you intend to get across will set the stage for the TYPE of business you create…and you have SO many options!  

Are you a seasoned DIY maker that believes you shouldn’t buy any personal care products from the store?

Are you new-ish to natural living and have great ADVICE about what has worked for you as a beginner?

Do you want to PROMOTE your favorite premium organic personal care items to individuals that can afford ‘luxury’?

Do you want to CREATE necessary daily natural products that are affordable to the general population?

Do you want to TEACH people how to create their own natural cleaning products?

Consider which question above speaks to you and CELEBRATE the fact that the easiest way to currently spread information is through the internet.  As stay-at-home moms, that works out really well, don’t you think???



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3 Ways to Create a Natural Living Business as a SAHM

There are three general ways to go about starting a business that is inspired by natural living and the creative possibilities for them all are endless.

Natural Product Maker & Seller

Creating natural handmade products to sell via ecommerce is one of the best business ideas for stay-at-home moms because you can work on your business without having your head stuck in a computer all day (and you can even get your kids involved in the process!). 

This may be for you if…

  • You are a maker and are always experimenting and wanting to try something new.
  • You love graphic design and would enjoy creating a brand for yourself (think font families, color palettes, product label creation, packaging, etc).
  • You would be able to answer potential customer questions & inquiries in a personable, professional manner.

Natural Living Blogger

Becoming a natural living blogger is also a slam-dunk mom biz because you literally can work on it five minutes here and five minutes there.  There’s no physical inventory to keep track of and it has low startup costs. 

This may be for you if…

  • You enjoy writing and teaching other people about what you know.
  • You love ‘techy-stuff’ and would enjoy creating an online home for yourself (think font families, color palettes, website design, graphics, etc).
  • You love the idea of a #laptoplife and being able to work anywhere at anytime.

AND PERHAPS EVENTUALLY . . . Maker + Blogger Together

I have adopted both of these business models under one umbrella…

Personally, I have found that a careful balance of the two provides the most consistent income.

This formula also provides me the flexibility as a stay-at-home mom to put my natural skin care ecommerce store on hold if I have a sick child or go out of town.  The other more ‘passive’ income streams on my blog are still working during those times.

I emphasize ‘eventually’, as it takes time to develop and understand each one of these business models.  By attempting both at once, you WILL BURN OUT.  

However, knowing what is possible in the future can help GUIDE your decisions now in regards to what platforms to start with to support your long-term goals and business vision.


Which Mompreneur gig is right for you???

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Why go the Natural Product Route?

The natural and organic care industry is projected to increase globally 8.3% (which equals out to 29.5 BILLION USD) by 2028.  This projection includes:

  • Natural and Organic Facial Care
  • Natural and Organic Hair Care
  • Natural and Organic Cosmetics
  • Natural and Organic Body Care
  • Natural and Organic Oral Care
  • Natural Cleaning Supplies

Natural Product Industry Metrics Worth Noting:

  • North America will be the top region for industry growth
  • Females will be the top gender for industry growth
  • Brief shelf life of organic products limits the amount of products that large companies can provide (which also increases their production costs)
    • Translation: Consumers will be more likely to shop small for their organic care products
  • Demand for more multi-use items to solve skin care issue due to higher price of organic products
    • Translation: Consumers want a 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 solution
  • Natural skin care will be the fastest growing category with increased demand for chemical-free face creams and sun protection

Flatlay of Increasing Bar Graph to Indicate Natural Product Sales Growth

Why is the Natural Product Industry Gaining Momentum?

  • Increase in consumer awareness of natural cosmetics & green beauty in general due to social media and increased use of mobile devices
  • Increase in consumer awareness of the benefits of natural products (and risks of synthetic ingredients) also due to social media and increased use of mobile devices
  • Growing e-commerce industry
  • Easier availability and search capabilities due to mobile devices
  • Higher willingness for females 25 and above to pay more for premium products
  • Increase in the geriatric population in the US that are willing to buy organic
  • Increased demand in the male population for facial care and sun care products


1. PR Newswire: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/organic-skin-care-2018-global-industry-forecasts-to-2024—cagr-expected-to-grow-at-10-300654926.html

2. Market Watch: https://www.marketwatch.com/press-release/global-natural-and-organic-personal-care-products-market-revenue-expected-to-increase-to-us-295-bn-by-2028-2018-09-04

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Why Go the Natural Living Blog Route?

You should probably have started a blog yesterday if you are at all intrigued by the idea of sharing:

  • Your natural journey with others

  • How to raise a chemical-free family

  • How to create natural products

  • Maybe writing organic recipes that are toddler-friendly

  • Or even promoting other maker’s natural products

A blog is a personally run website that you constantly update with new information.  (Hint: You’re reading a blog right now.)

The majority of the information you find on Pinterest is actually blog content, and blog posts are also found in search results on Google (and other search engines).

While the internet does have an amazing amount of free information to help you start a blog, you will find contradictory testimonials and different tools.  How are you supposed to know which ones to pick?  Without already having a background or experience in blogging yourself, it would be close to impossible to sort through it all on your own (you can read about my hot mess of an attempt at starting a blog without guidance here).

• • • Enter Suzi Whitford, Stage Left • • •

Suzi is the owner/creator of Start a Mom Blog, a superstar example in the blogging world.

Suzi started her first blog when she became a stay-at-home mom (with one child), and in less than THREE YEARS (and two MORE children later), she made enough money JUST from her blog that it replaced her ‘pre-baby’ salary AND her husband’s salary.

Talk about epic and motivational.

Suzi has put together a course that shows EXACTLY how she did it.  From step ONE to step FIVE HUNDRED, she quite literally walks you through every single step.

‘Discovering Suzi’ sure was a life-changer for me, and purchasing her Blog by Number course was the BEST move I made on my own blogging journey.  Since then, I have actually purchased every single one of the courses she offers…if that gives you any indication as to the quality of her products.

Already know that blogging is gonna be your thIng?

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Why the Long-Term Mindset is a Genius Move

After reading through the details above, I’m sure it’s no secret this industry is a lot of upfront work.  I would be lying if I said you won’t have some sleepless nights, doubt and tears along the way.

This is a foundation for a long-term game plan, not fast cash money.

And that’s what makes it great.

As you stay at home to raise your beautiful children, you can put in an hour before they wake up.  An hour while they nap.  An hour after they go to sleep.  Every minute counts.

Those first months of building your ecommerce site, blog, or social following may seem fruitless…maybe even feel like a waste of your time.

And then you’ll receive an order while you’re sleeping.

Or you’ll have a post go viral while you’re at the park with your babies.

It will be small at first, but it will gain momentum as you continue to add one single brick at a time to your online empire.

By the time your kids are ready for playdates, school, or other ‘big kid’ activities

You’ll have a full-fledged BUSINESS that grew steadily WHILE staying home with your tribe.

And you’re getting in NOW while the market is HOT HOT HOT and ready for growth.

Ugh.  It’s so beautifully genius.  Gives me the chills.     

Just not sure which path to take?  

Let’s (b)ack it Up, (b)ack it in.

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You’ve got NOTHING to lose, sister.  

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Which Mompreneur gig is right for you???

In our FREE 5-Day Email Course, we break down what it takes to succeed in both industries (while also raising your tribe):

  • Time requirements
  • Space
  • Startup Costs
  • When to Expect Results

Find out what’s right for YOU and YOUR family…no strings attached!

Which Natural Mom Biz is the Most Appealing to You?

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