You want a profitable side-hustle that comes without the guilt of having your head stuck in a computer all day while your kids beg for your attention.

Let me show you how I turned making natural products (from my own kitchen) into a blossoming online empire that has and will continue to scale year after year. 

I’ll teach you how to start generating income from home, the highest converting products to start with…and most importantly…time-saving resources so that this gig can actually work WITH your current mommy schedule. 

Create a business that will grow exponentially…without missing out on memories.

Start Your Empire with ZERO Guesswork…

The Importance of Selling Natural Products

Learn what we mean by ‘natural’, the future of natural products as a maker & small business owner, and details on how this ‘side hustle’ can grow into a full-fledged scalable business…all from home.

Supplies and Ingredients for Natural Skin Care

Get direct links to everything we’ll be using to make our recipes, learn the shelf life of ingredients and why it matters, and get a list of the most trusted vendors and suppliers in the industry.

Natural Skin Care Recipes

Seven text-format recipes that are TRENDING (read: MORE conversions) and have a HIGH profit margin to boot.  These seven items can be grouped together in your ecommerce or marketplace shop in countless ways to give you over 70 different product listings when sold individually and as gift sets.

Presentation Basics

Determine what packaging is most suitable for your niche, how to rock the unboxing experience, how to label your products, and FDA requirements for your business.

How to Price for Profit

Apply my Profitable Pricing Formula to your entire product line so that you still come out ahead even during heavily discounted events such as Black Friday promotions and wholesaling opportunities.

80 Pages of experienced advice to save you TONS of time on your journey!


I LOVED this book.  I have a blog that I post all-natural skin care recipes and would like to eventually make my own skin care line to sell.  This guide gave me the confidence to do that.  There are so many resources and different options to choose from.

I especially liked the pricing section.  I sell my products locally, to friends and family, and would price according to just my ingredients.  It was eye-opening to see my worth and understand more about how to price.

I would highly recommend thsi book to anyone thinking about starting, or even someone who currently has an all-natural line.

Katie Hardin

Natural Living Blogger & Stay-at-Home Mom,

Creating Natural Essentials is a marvelously comprehensive book.  It guides you clearly in setting up your own business making natural products and is very easy to navigate.

The practical product-making sections provide in-depth information, ranging from finding your audience, where to materials, FDA guidelines, containers, labels, and packaging….all with links included.

I was particularly pleased with the number of recipes provided…something for everyone!  I plan to use many of these in my reflexology practice.”

Yvonne Hough

Accredited Reflexology Therapist, Reiki Master and Teacher

I completely recommend this book, regardless of if you’re just starting your journey or if you’ve been paddling upstream for a while.  I haven’t seen any other resource that hands you everything you need, from suppliers details, to packaging, to information about text size for labels, to recipes. Recipes! My goodness!

If you’re turning from ‘hobbyist’ to professional or jumping straight in to the skincare industry the hardest thing is wading through the insane amount of wrong information on the internet. One of the hardest things for me was going from “I don’t know what I don’t know” to “I now know what I don’t know and am completely overwhelmed”.

This book takes so much of the guesswork out of things! For me personally, having worked myself ragged for the past 12 months, your book has given voice to a niggling thought in the back of my brain – that it’s OK to slow down and go at my own pace. 

Skye Squires

Owner, Essential Cosmetics Co., Australia

You have given a great starting place & the confidence for anyone wanting to make natural products a business of their own.  The info needs to get out that making natural products is not hard & you don’t need synthetic ingredients to do it.

I really love how just these few recipes can convert into 70 different products.  What a game changer!

MaryBeth Lodge

Natural Living Blogger & Product Maker ,,

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About The Author

My name is Christine, owner of Treesnail Natural Essentials and The Natural Mompreneur.

I have been making natural products to sell via ecommerce since 2013 and have sold on Etsy, Shopify, Wix, Pattern, Squarespace, Ecohabitude, Wanelo, and am planning to give Woocommerce a shot…after my girls are in school (I am but a one person show, after all).

My formal college degree is in K-12 Art Education (prior to becoming a mama bear).  My no-fluff teaching style and background helps other busy stay-at-home moms build their own online empires efficiently and affordably.

Developing this handmade business has made it possible for me to stay home with my two girls.  I want that for you.

I so desperately want that for you. 

It took me six years to bring my ecommerce business to where it is now.  I spent a ridiculous amount of time experimenting with different ingredients, researching the best vendors, testing out my products, learning all of the various ecommerce platforms…there’s no time for you to do that as a stay-at-home mom (I mean, if you want to see a return anytime soon). 

There’s absolutely no reason you should have to put in that preliminary work (and money) for a scalable business model when I already have. I’m alllll about using my teaching background and business-building experience to help you create your own empire. 

In a fraction of the time.

Yup. I’m a stay-at-home mom, too. You and I both know efficiency is the key to getting ANYTHING done. 

I’m here to fast-track your journey to success. Without missing out on memories.