Finding the perfect gift for the natural mama (to-be) in your life can be hard. Between baby showers, holidays, and pregnancy gifts, you want your gift to stand out and be USEFUL (because we both know she doesn’t just want more ‘stuff’ in her growing baby inventory).

Keep reading on my friends, because we have your gifting occassion in the bag. The amaaazing list below is full of unique organic, eco friendly, handmade products that the natural mama can enjoy now AND later!

Natural Mama Gift Idea #1:

All-Natural Cocoa Butter Belly Balm

Whether she is two months along or is ‘due’ in two days, this natural belly balm WILL. BE. USED. This is a lotion bar instead of ‘actual’ lotion, which means there are ZERO synthetic preservatives in it…scented only with essential oils (or a fragrance-free choice to use during the first trimester) for natural skin care and aromatherapy benefits.

This super moisturizing bar keeps skin itch-free to deter stretch marks and discomfort. Tell her to STOCK UP, because this is a natural pregnancy FAVORITE. 

Natural Mama Gift Idea #2:

Organic Cotton Maternity Robe Set

I have very rarely seen robes on baby registries, and after being gifted one from my own wonderful momma during pregnancy #1, I now consider this a MUST.  Amaaaazing for:

  • those uncomfortable last few months of pregnancy
  • using in place of the super scratchy hospital gowns during and after birthing
  • middle-of-the-night nursing sessions
  • the entire maternity leave
  • the first three years of baby’s life when mama’s laundry is last priority 😆

Perfect for every stage of her maternity and postpartum journey, this is the gift that will KEEP ON giving.

Added Bonus: This particular set has a matching swaddle option so momma and baby can be twinsies from day one. Adorable.

Natural Mama Gift Idea #3:

Dye & Fragrance Free Laundry Detergent

Did you know that a woman’s skin actually changes during and after pregnancy? Skin that wasn’t sensitive or prone to allergies before could be singing a different tune quickly once there is a baby in utero.

Gift this all-natural laundry soda along with the robe above so that momma can stay itch-free during pregnancy, and also rest assured that the chemicals coming from dyes and fragrances in your ‘typical’ detergent aren’t being transferred to her new newborn once s/he has arrived.

Natural Mama Gift Idea #4:

Organic Wooden Teether

Admittedly wooden toys probably made the natural mama’s baby registry list. But there is NO SUCH THING as too many teethers (especially these hand-carved cuties). One for every room of the house, several in each diaper bag…these nontoxic biters are an essential item for every gift-giving occasion.

Added Bonus: This particular line also personalizes their handmade creations if you’re feeling extra-fancy and want to add an engraved name or sentiment.

Natural Mama Gift Idea #5:

Remote Control Essential Oil Diffuser

Using a diffuser is suuuuuccchhhh a nice way to enjoy aromatherapy and essential oils when pregnant and nursing, as you can’t use all of the topical essential oil personal care products that you did before.

I used a diffuser throughout both of my pregnancies, brought one with me to the hospital for use during my birthing time, and we have one in every room of the house (including our babies rooms) for daily use.

BUT. CHECK. THIS. ONE. OUT. A remote control???? So you can just start that sucker without having to get up if you’re nursing or holding a sleeping baby??? Stop it. Sharing the love here so that I’m not quite as sad that I missed this train when I needed it the most!

*Pro Tip: Gift this to the mama-to-be with lavender and chamomile essential oils, as these are two of the few oils that are safe for little ones (when diluted correctly).

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Natural Mama Gift Idea #6:

Lanolin-Free Nursing Balm

Most registry lists have nursing balm listed as an essential for a mama’s birthing bag, but using a gentle balm ahead of time actually prepares sensitive skin (especially during winter months).

This particular blend is lanolin-free and fragrance-free…an absolutely all-natural recipe for chemical-free skin care that is infused with organic herbs. The most pure nursing balm choice for mama AND baby.

Natural Mama Gift Idea #7:

Dye-Free Vitamin D3 Supplements

Take the advice of a fellow natural mama on this one (that’s me 😉). Your crunchy mommy friend will want this to have ON HAND for birthing day.

My husband and I had a 100% natural pregnancy & birthing for both our girls, yet the hospital would only provide an Rx for ‘their trusted brand’ of Vitamin D that was neon red. No. Not on the natural train we’re riding.

Zarbee’s Naturals uses no dyes or gluten, no artificial flavors or sweetners, and was created by a pediatrician who couldn’t find completely natural products for his own children. Now that is a brand I can trust.

Natural Mama Gift Idea #8:

Organic Baby Swaddle Blanket

Another item that you can’t have too many of! Swaddle blankets are used for sooo much more than just a blanket, and we are still using our ‘newborn’ swaddles on the daily with our three year old.

This particular swaddle is unbleached and eco friendly for the ultimate natural gift. However, the entire Rainy Day Woolies line is organic and beautifully handmade with other options for the natural family (check out their Merino Wool diaper covers as another gift option!).

Natural Mama Gift Idea #9:

Organic Bamboo Baby Wrap Carrier

Even if a wrap didn’t make it to your natural mama’s registry, she will THANK YOU for making her break outside her baby-carrier-comfort-zone this Christmas.

These organic bamboo wraps are LIGHTWEIGHT to keep baby and momma cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They keep the baby snug, can be used all the way up to 35 pounds (about the weight of an average three year old), and are priced so that you can get several (which I completely recommend).

The MOST luxurious wrap you will find that is guaranteed to be a gift-giving WIN.

Natural Mama Gift Idea #10:

Healthy Meal Planning Ultimate Bundle

Annnddddd….saving the BEST for last! I am SO excited to share this bundle that I guarantee will be the most PRIZED gift your preggo companion will get this season!

This is an electronic (downloadable) bundle of an AMAZING amount of ebooks, recipes (over 400!!!), courses, and printable resources.

It includes diet-specific cook books and recipes perfect for the crunchy mama such as vegan, vegetarian, nursing mamas, picky toddler eaters, etc.


This bundle of awesome can be downloaded on ANY device, so the mama can read on her phone while nursing or pull it up on a laptop while actually making the recipes.

Ultimate Bundles has several of these kinds of packages (with some only available during certain times of the year), so do yourself a favor and click through to see what you can get NOW and what is coming soon!


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