As the holiday quickly approaches, it’s time to start thinking about gifts that don’t need to be shipped. If there is a new mommy on your list, you’re in luck! Because guess what she doesn’t need? More STUFF. She already had her baby showers and another flow of gifts when baby was born.

Now is the perfect time to embrace the procrastinator in yourself and peruse our last minute gifts that new mommies (and even seasoned ones!) will appreciate more than any other THING they receive this year.

Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom for the VERY BEST gift you could possibly give. Cheers!

New Mommy Gift Idea #1:

Memberships & Experiences

Experience gifts are PURE GOLD. Think zoos, parks, museums, mommy & me yoga classes, tumbling classes, YMCA groups, special show tickets, etc.

As you’re looking at membership or experience ideas in your area, be mindful of the details…do they allow outside food and drink? Do they allow strollers? Are there accessible locations for nursing? Changing tables?

If not, set that idea to the side for when baby gets a bit older!

In St. Louis with us? Here are some direct links to memberships we have that we love and use ALLLL THE TIME:

  • Saint Louis Zoo: Yes, *entering* the STL Zoo is free…but a membership provides parking, unlimited train rides, children’s petting zoo, and food/drink discounts…pays for itself in 3 visits.
  • Urban Fort Play Cafe: Fancy lattes and paninis for mommy, and an inside play area for littles that includes a slide, rock climbing wall, dress up area, train track table, huge legos, and more.
  • The Magic House: An *extremely* hands-on children’s museum with hundreds of interactive exhibits.
  • Botanical Gardens: Includes membership to Missouri Botanical Garden, the Butterfly House, and Shaw Nature Reserve.


New Mommy Gift Idea #2:

Rocky Mountain Oils E-Gift Card

Mommies can’t take (most) medications while nursing…if she’s not already on the natural train, now is the perfect time to try natural remedies, diffusing essential oils, aromatherapy, and other chemical-free wellness products.

Rocky Mountain Oils is a non-MLM company (wahoo!) that provides pure essential oils, EO blends, accessories, nontoxic cleaning supplies, and other natural health products.

RMO gets even more bonus points because they have a fabulous educational section of their website specifically for individuals new to essential oils and for using EOs on children.

E-Gift Cards can be emailed directly to the recipient without having to wait for an actual gift card in snail mail. Give the gift of wellness!

New Mommy Gift Idea #3:

Amazon Prime Membership

Chances are pretty good that you’ve heard of Amazon Prime. Chances are also good that new momma has, too!

In case you’ve been ‘a little’ out of the loop, Prime gives you FREE 2 day shipping on most items, no minimum order size, automatic repeated shipment of daily use items if desired, as well as sweet perks like complimentary streamed music and tv programs.

Not sure if she has a membership or not? Either way you win… anyone that is gifted a membership that already has one gets to exchange it for an Amazon gift card. Still a gifting slam dunk.

Because let me tell ya…she is NOT leaving the house to go on errands for a hot minute. Unfortunately, that does not change the fact that toothpaste and laundry detergent still need to be bought.

Gift memberships can be purchased in 3 or 12 month increments …the 3-month will get her past the ‘house arrest’ stage of motherhood, and the 12-month will obviously earn you Gifter of the Year award.

New Mommy Gift Idea #4:

Monthly Organic Lip Balm Subscription Box

Let’s be real. Nothing is gonna be about ‘her’ for awhile. And little luxury items like organic lip balm sometimes make the sleepless nights just a bit easier to handle.

She’ll receive a new sweetly presented package in the mail once a month with 2 different organic lip balm scents, tied up in a natural gift box.

This is the gift that keeps on giving and will remind her that she’s being thought of, too (for however long you decide to continue the subscription…buyer’s choice, cancel anytime).

Click here to learn more about the subscription details!

New Mommy Gift Idea #5:

Blog by Number EBook


Even if you know nothing about blogging (or have never even heard that word before), STOP what you’re doing and read this bit!

For starters, if you’re reading this sentence, you are reading a blog post. Blogs are basically anyone’s little home on the internet that they can make their own.

Some moms like to start a blog about their little ones to keep other family members in the loop without posting a million photos on social media.

Other moms want to build a community with others to share knowledge they have about any topic under the sun.

Blogs can either be for hobby or to generate income; either way, Suzi Whitford from has completely broken down ALL the complexities of getting a blog up and running. It literally is as easy as paint-by-number (hence the name of this eBook, as well as her other educational products available). And it all starts by reading this crazy-informative and easy-to-read ebook .

Suzi is a mother of three and relates to every new momma’s growing pains when starting a blog. She’s a new-mommy-blog-making-genius. And this SUPER affordable eBook will get the new momma on your list SO excited to learn more!

Again, this is a digital (downloadable) item, so you will not be receiving an actual book in snail mail. Last minute gifting paradise!

New Mommy Gift Idea #6:

Book a Mini Photo Session

Giving the gift of a photo session once they’re home and settled is WHERE. ITS. AT.

They may have already gotten newborn photos taken immediately at the hospital or elsewhere…but I’m willing to bet momma didn’t feel her best after going through a physically intense experience.

Want bonus points?

Schedule this at the 6 week mark or after (in my personal experience) so that mom has time to master the clockwork scheduling of her baby’s world with feedings and naptimes. It will make her time and the photographer’s time go much more smoothly.

Extra bonus points if the photographer can come to her! The baby will be super comfy in a familiar area, and pictures will capture their ‘real’ surroundings instead of unfamiliar props that you see in #allthebabypictures.

New Mommy Gift Idea #7:

Herbs & Essential Oils Bundle

I will confess that I add this Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle into every gift guide I create.

Because it’s important.

As a whole, we need to stop reaching for over the counter medicines if ‘something hurts’ and stop purchasing chemical-laden personal care items (cosmetics, soaps, fragrance) from the store without reading the labels first.

Purchasing this bundle is your step to creating a world that is more mindful of what we put on and in our bodies for better health and wellness all around.

The bundle includes 22 eBooks, 4 eCourses, 6 printable packs, 2 membership sites, 444 recipes, and 184 printables. It’s A LOT.

So much, in fact, that I haven’t actually used all of the information in it (yes, I do have my own copy of everything!).

But the resources I HAVE used are worth WAY more than I paid for the whole bundle, so I don’t consider it a loss if I can’t ever get through all of it.

New Mommy Gift Idea #8:

Treesnail Natural Essentials Gift Card

Because. This poor mommy doesn’t know that her skin is about to try to fall off of her face.

Between hormones and sleep deprivation and dehydration and survival mode diet…it’s just a shocker to your skin. Really.

The natural skin care products from Treesnail Natural Essentials are handmade in small batches with no preservatives or chemicals…this is GREAT for your skin, but also means a gift card is your best bet for the new mommy.

Some skin issues don’t show up right away, and it’s best if she orders when SHE needs it so that it’s made fresh when her skin starts to change.

New Mommy Gift Idea #9:

Unlimited eBooks and Audiobooks

If you know the new mommy already has Amazon Prime and want to surprise her with a thoughtful WIN, check out the Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans by Amazon!

Giftable memberships are available as 6-month, 12-month, or 24-month plans and allow UNLIMITED READING of over 1 MILLION eBooks and UNLIMITED LISTENING to THOUSANDS of audiobooks!

Middle of the night feedings can be loooonnnngggg and you can only look at your social media so much before you want to throw your phone out the window.

Let the new momma make the most of her feeding times by learning something new or indulging in a novel…whatever makes her sleepless nights a bit more manageable…thanks to YOU!

New Mommy Gift Idea #10:

You (Wine in Hand)

You think you’re busy this holiday season?

Try having a baby on your boob while you pee or try to feed another child. With postpartum hormones. On top of seasonal preparations.

The new mommy wins the busy card. No contest.

BE HER HAPPY ELF!!! Show up. With a coffee, wine, or dinner (you know what she’d like best!). Offer to wrap presents. Or just do the dishes that are in the sink. Or fold the laundry in the hamper. Or offer to take over the house while she does…whatever…for a breather.

My family and my husband’s family were (and still are) the BEST at this. It makes me tear up remembering that really difficult juggling period at the beginning of motherhood, let alone during the busy holidays.

She’ll remember your helping hands for the rest of her life…much more than any gift* she opens this year.


Free Natural Living Resource Guide

from Treesnail Natural Essentials

 Want a little natural stocking stuffer to go with the ideas above?

Share your favorite new mommy gift ideas in the comments section!

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