Mompreneur’s Resource Guide

To Making and Selling Natural Products Online

by Christine Glaser

A FREE digital ebook to help Stay-at-Home Moms jump-start their home-based business…


Over 50 tried-and-trusted tips to help the busy mom create professional natural products, take click-worthy product photos, and get repeat customers for a scalable business. 

“What a gold-mine this guide is!  I have been heading down the “natural products” path for well over a decade, and to be honest, some things I am diligent about, others not so much.  Why?  Often it’s a matter of time and resources – and by resources I mean sifting through the millions of options and opinions available in today’s digital world.  As someone who makes their own products, buys others, and uses them within my business this was a wonderful, clear guide that tells you what works and where to get it.  Some of these I knew, others I was thrilled to be introduced to.  This is definitely a win!”

– Tiersa J.

What’s the deal?  What is this even???

A 17 page digital resource guide written specifically to save stay-at-home moms what we need the most…time.  Each page has the top five resources for the major topics in ecommerce with descriptions and direct links to each one (so you don’t get stuck down the Google or Pinterest rabbit-hole):

Natural Product Recipe Resources

Natural Ingredient Vendors

Packaging Vendors

Product Photography Resources

Online Marketing

Description Inclusions for Listings

Ecommerce Platforms

Tips to Get Return Customers

and more…plus access to our private mompreneur mastermind!

“This is a great guide for anyone interested in making and/or selling natural products online. It covers everything you need to get started. It is great for a beginner, but also great for someone more advanced who is stuck and not sure where to go next. Thank you so much Christine for the great resource!” 

– Katie H.

Designed to save you time and fast-track your research

Once you receive your free ebook via email, you can download it to any smart device so that you can conviently read the time-saving tips while nursing, rocking, pumping…or any other superwoman things that you do when your littles give you a bit of down time.

“I really appreciate the helpful feel of this e-book. I didn’t feel like it was telling me everything I was doing wrong, or telling me I “had to” use this or that. It is a great resource for anyone looking to get into selling their healthy, natural products online.” 

– Amy M.

about the author

My  name is Christine, owner of Treesnail Natural Essentials and an entrepreneur by the very nature of my soul.

I have been making natural products to sell via ecommerce since 2013 and have sold on Etsy, Shopify, Wix, Pattern, Squarespace, Ecohabitude, Wanelo, and am planning to give Woocommerce a shot…after my girls are in school (I am but a one person show, after all).

My formal college degree is in K-12 Art Education (prior to becoming a mama bear).  My no-fluff teaching style and background lends itself perfectly to helping other busy stay-at-home moms build their own online empires as efficiently as possible.

Developing this handmade business has made it possible for me to stay home with my two girls. 

I want that for you.

I so desperately want that for you. 

It took me six years to bring my ecommerce business to where it is now.  I spent a ridiculous amount of time experimenting with different ingredients, researching the best vendors, testing out my products, learning all of the various ecommerce platforms…there’s no time for you to do that as a stay-at-home mom (I mean, if you want to see a return anytime soon). 

There’s absolutely no reason you should have to put in that preliminary work (and money) for a scalable business model when I already have. I’m alllll about using my teaching background and business-building experience to help you create your own empire.  In a fraction of the time. I mean, hello. I’m a stay-at-home mom, too. You and I both know efficiency is the key to getting ANYTHING done. 

I’m here to fast-track your journey to success. Without missing out on memories.