Being a stay-at-home mompreneur allows me to have my cake and eat it too.  I wouldn’t have it ANY other way.  I LOVE what I do.  Border-line obsessed with it.

But just like any other job, it does come with stresses and some massive problem solving.

I have my two girls under the age of three at home with me every day.  Between my ecommerce store, creating digital content and courses, blogging, and then of course my babies and daily housework…it’s a lot to coordinate. There are only so many hours in the day!

As a natural family, my husband and I went on a mission to help me manage the anxiety I was having due to stress + not enough time to do #allthethings.

I was left feeling frustrated with the solutions we found…lists of natural remedies and lifestyle changes that required hours every week.

My lack of time was 95% of the problem to begin with, and taking any of the tasks off my plate was not an option.

So…I built a natural ‘anxiety toolkit’ for all of us mompreneurs, work-from-home moms, and other busy-change-makers out there.

The five natural remedies for stress and anxiety discussed below have changed my life and self-regulation skills…without adding anything ‘extra’ into my already-full schedule.

It is beyond important to note that while the natural remedies below are…natural…that does not mean they are all safe to use with medications you are currently taking for stress and anxiety.  If you are on a prescription, discuss the options below with your doctor prior to using.

Additionally, consult your doctor if you are pregnant or nursing, as some of the remedies below have heavy restrictions.



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Stress & Anxiety Natural Remedy #1:


What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the use of natural plant extracts to improve your physical and mental state. Essential oils are used either on your skin (after being diluted with a carrier oil) or inhaled to enhance mood and overall health & wellbeing.

Aromatherapy is a fantastic natural remedy for the busy person because it doesn’t take any extra time in your day to implement.  Whether you prefer to use topically or through inhalation (discussed below), you can experience reduced stress and anxiety while simultaneously working or mom-ing.

Topical Use

One way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils is to apply them to your skin to be absorbed into your blood stream.  Most essential oils need a dilution rate of 2% to be considered safe (on the average healthy adult).

While there are many personal care products that contain essential oils for a pleasant user experience (such as lip balms, soaps, and lotion bars), applying them with a roller bottle is the most popular form of topical aromatherapy for use as alternative medicine.

Aromatherapy rollers contain essential oils and carrier oils at proper dilution rates and are rolled on to pulse points around the body.


Another popular way to use essential oils is through inhaling the oil vapors as they evaporate into the air through the use of an essential oil diffuser.

A small amount of oils are added to water and the diffuser mixes them together to slowly emit essences into the air.

This is a great option for individuals that have skin sensitivities or for creating an intentional mood in a shared environment.

Diffuser jewelry is also becoming a popular method for receiving benefits of essential oils.

Why Aromatherapy Works for Stress & Anxiety

Aromatherapy is such a powerful way to remedy feelings of stress and anxiety, that individuals have been able to substantially reduce the amount of medication they take for these health issues.

When certain essential oils are used in aromatherapy, smell receptors are triggered and send messages to your nervous system, which in turn impact your emotions and increase serotonin levels.

Essential oils each have a different effect on the brain, which is why many oil retailers categorize them based on the desired outcome (such as sleep enhancing, energizing, stress/anxiety, relaxation, etc.).

Best Essential oils for Stress & Anxiety

There are dozens of essential oils (and combinations of essential oils) that help with stress and anxiety.  The five below are our favorites because they blend well together and can also be used in other natural remedies that promote overall wellness (cheers for double-dipping!).

1.  Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is a great essential oil for stress and anxiety because it has a well-known calming and relaxing effect. Applying or diffusing lavender essential oil can help calm irritability, calm panic attacks, and reduce nervous tension overall.

Lavender can also help with insomnia and other sleep disorders.  Lack of sleep is a common cause for stress and anxiety, so lavender can actually help remedy multiple issues at once.

2.  Vetiver Essential Oil

Vetiver essential oil is a necessary addition to your natural remedy tool kit because it is useful in stabilizing the brain to increase self-awareness and calm.  It has also been noted to help with jitteriness and creates a grounding effect.

Vetiver is also popular to use during meditation, another natural remedy that is discussed further down in this post.

3.  Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang Ylang is another multi-use oil to have on hand due to the very large array of aromatherapy uses it has.  This oil can help with allergies, skin issues, insomnia, and general pain management.

For stress and anxiety, Ylang Ylang is used to relieve tension, stress, and actually balances circulation. 

Ylang Ylang is also widely used in meditation either diffused on its own or by blending with the other oils in this list.

4.  Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile is a peaceful, herbal scent that is most well known as a calming tea.

Chamomile essential oil has similar relaxation effects and has been noted to decrease overthinking, anxiety, irritability, and depression.

As with several of the other oils on this list, chamomile can also be used as part of a bedtime routine to help with insomnia and/or a busy brain.

5.  Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense essential oil helps to quiet the mind, provides tranquil energy, and enhances deep meditation. This is a powerful oil for use in combating stress, anxiety, and depression.

Frankincense is a must in any natural skin care routine, so you will receive multiple benefits from this one bottle.

Find healing with natural remedies

Stress & Anxiety Natural Remedy #2:


What is Meditation? 

The grand purpose of meditation is for you to become intentionally aware of your mind and encourage a heightened place of awareness and metacognition.  Meditation is usually paired with soft music and a guided monologue to help you move from one state of mind to another.

Meditation requires a quiet environment, relaxation, and focus on your intent.

For the busy person, this seems impossible – if you had the time to relax and meditate, stress and anxiety may not even be an issue in the first place, right?

Believe me, I get it.  All the way.  Keep reading.

Why Meditation Works for Stress & Anxiety

While some people listen to meditation music while going to sleep to help calm their brain or encourage relaxation, it is more beneficial to listen to a guided meditation if you are dealing with stress and anxiety.

You need someone to help you walk from Point A to Point B.  Someone to direct your thoughts back on the prize if you start to drift.

For individuals with anxiety, it is of utmost importance to internalize the fact that YOU can control your thoughts and similarly, that thoughts do not define you.  Knowing that you have the power over your brain is key to making meditation work.

In other words, to help control anxiety, we have to understand our triggers.  We cannot understand our triggers if we don’t take the time to pause (even if it’s slightly) and learn how to intentionally regulate our emotions.  This is what meditation does.

There is overwhelming evidence that if done correctly (meaning fully being a participant in your practice and awareness of your thoughts), meditation can actually restructure your brain.

I’ll say that again.

Meditation actually REWIRES the connections and chemicals in your brain to make you less anxious. 

This is not a band-aid.

This is a full-fledged remedy to change YOU and your LIFE.

Free Meditation App for Your Smart Device

I initially wrote off meditation entirely, because like you, I am just so insanely busy that the thought of adding something else into my daily schedule stressed me out enough to make my palms sweat and heart palpitate. Not exaggerating.

I tried a few ‘free’ meditation apps that ended up being only free for the first week and then inevitably charged my credit card (because I was too distracted with other daily tasks to set a reminder for myself to cancel whatever I didn’t want).

I stumbled upon the Insight Timer and discovered it REALLY IS FREE (with possible upgrades and courses available if desired), and not one of those apps that the ‘free’ version leaves you grossly underwhelmed.  This app is AMAZING.

From music and bells…to stories…to guided practice…it has it ALL.

There is a section specific to stress and anxiety, and the practices range from 2 minutes to 69 minutes.

Anyone can spend the first two minutes in bed being mindful and aware.  The beauty is that many times these two minute tracks lead to wanting more sessions (because sometimes the hardest part is just starting).

The video below is just one example of thousands of meditation tracks available on Insight Timer.

Download the app for free and give it a test drive:


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Stress & Anxiety Natural Remedy #3:


What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a safe, non-psychoactive, non-addictive alternative medicine that is used by individuals looking to improve their overall health and wellness. 

CBD is very similar to essential oil, as it is extracted from the plant itself.

It is getting its (reintroduced) moment of fame due to all the benefits it holds:

  • Eases physical discomfort (pain, inflammation)
  • Supports overworked and achy joints (supports healthy cartilage and proper joint function)
  • Uplifts the mood (stimulates opioid, dopamine, and serotonin receptors)
  • Clears mental fog (improves cognition, focus, memory)
  • Eases stress (interacts with brain CB1 and opioid receptors)
  • Protects the brain (near-perfect ration of essential fatty acids)
Unfortunately, CBD gets an ‘opinionated rap’ because it comes from the cannabis plant (the same plant that produces marijuana).  That being said, CBD will not produce a high when used.

Why CBD Works for Stress & Anxiety

In a VERY long story short, CBD can stimulate your serotonin receptors to help ease issues such as addiction, sleep disorders, and anxiety (creating a similar effect as an antidepressant Rx).  It can also increase your body’s ability to regulate things such as IBS, migraines, and even cognitive disorders (Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s).

CBD works with your body to influence receptors indirectly (so that you don’t get the ‘high’ generally associated with cannabis).


Metabolizing CBD can inhibit or reduce the effects of other medications, so consultation with your doctor prior to use is essential to stay balanced and healthy. (Topical use of CBD does not interact with any known medications at this time.)

It should also be noted that CBD should not be used while pregnant or nursing. 

While it is true that CBD will not produce a body high, there are still trace amounts of THC possible.  It has not yet been tested how these trace amounts will effect a fetus or breastmilk, so it is necessary to err on the side of caution until your baby is weaned.

Read more about how CBD works in the body.

Introducing CBD by Plant Therapy: Available Now!

Stress & Anxiety Natural Remedy #4:

Wellness Supplements

What are Supplements?

Supplements are manufactured products that you ingest (such as a pill, capsule, gelcap, liquid, etc.) to provide your body with nutrients that it may be lacking. 

Supplements are taken for a variety of reasons.  Some individuals have a supplement routine just to fill in any ‘gaps’ since the average American diet leaves a lot of room for improvement.  Others take supplements because they know they have a vitamin deficiency or dietary restriction that needs supplemental support.
Supplements as natural remedy for stress and anxiety
Popular supplement choices include daily multi-vitamins, probiotics, magnesium, iron, and fish oil.

Why Supplements Work for Stress & Anxiety

Some types of stress and anxiety can be managed with a combination of dietary and herbal supplements. Deficiency in certain vitamins can either create anxiety symptoms or amplify them.

Supplements can help anxiety for a variety or reasons, including lowering cortisol (the ‘stress hormone’), increasing happiness neurotransmitters, providing antioxidants, and preventing (further) damage to your nervous system.

It is crucial to note that some vitamins and supplements cannot be taken with anxiety medication.  Before adding supplements to your daily routine, make sure you talk to your doctor if you are on an Rx.

The following top five vitamins and herbs have been noted to help manage anxiety and support a healthy nervous system:


Vitamin A, C, D, E

Fish Oil








Kava kava


The Best Wellness Supplement Trio



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Stress & Anxiety Natural Remedy #5:


What is Yoga?

Yoga is a Hindu discipline that individuals all over the world practice for exercise and relaxation.  Yoga combines breath control, meditation, and specific body postures and movements together for complete mind and body awareness. 

From a physical health standpoint, yoga increases flexibility, muscle strength, and tone, improves energy and vitality, and helps to maintain a balanced metabolism.
Yoga also has amazing benefits for mental health, including stress relief, improvement of attention and concentration, and helps to center the nervous system.

Why Yoga Works for Stress & Anxiety

Yoga is a natural remedy for stress and anxiety for multiple reasons.

Dealing with either or both issues can cause pain in your body, especially where you hold tension (commonly in between shoulder blades and neck).  Certain yoga postures (asanas) can help to reduce your discomfort through building your core and stretching stiff areas.

Learning how to breathe correctly during yoga sessions also helps to train your body for other parts of your day when anxiety is most prominent.  By being able to control your breathing, you can slow your heart rate and lower your blood pressure.  This is especially helpful for individuals who experience panic attacks as a result of anxiety.
Yoga also teaches how to manage anxious thoughts through relaxation techniques, visualization, muscle relaxation, and meditation.  Overall, yoga can help you to let go of worry and fear in guided practices that slowly become your internal voice.

A 15 Minute Yoga Video for Stress & Anxiety

I LOVE yoga and used to practice every day before life as a work from home mom became so busy.  This is the one natural remedy discussed in this post that I struggle to find room for in my schedule.

Though I get plenty of exercise chasing my two girls around the house and the park, I miss the mental clarity and rejuvenation I received after a long yoga session.

After some searching, I found a great compromise for my yoga-itch + demanding schedule.

This 15 minute YouTube video by Sarah Beth Yoga is short enough to *sometimes* squeeze into an especially overwhelming day and is doable for all levels of yogis.  There are tons of free videos online if you search “yoga for anxiety and stress”…this is the shortest (yet most effective) for all of us busy solopreneurs.


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Combining these five natural remedies for stress and anxiety has completely changed my outlook and quality of life.  I am able to handle ‘the daily rollercoaster’ much better, and have begun to experience a transformation in my relationships (while continuing to manage a significant work load).

I sincerely hope you will give all of these a try to create balance in your life, business, and relationships.  I would LOVE to hear your stories and how the suggestions above have improved your journey!




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