Photography Resources

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Picmonkey is my spirit animal and I use this photo editing program for EVERYTHING.  My instagram posts, Pinterest pins, email list graphics, landing page design, blog post picture edits, banners and cover photos for all social media and ecommerce platforms.  You have to use it to understand the sheer genius – grab a free trial here to see if it fits.



Photography Super Bundle

A MASSIVE LIBRARY OF EDUCATION.  A digital bundle (instant download on any computer or smart device) that includes 19 ebooks, 14 ecourses, 1 membership site, and 6 tools.  For the beginner and master. Tutorials on using your phone for professional photos, SLR photography, nature photography, portrait photography, editing, and more.  Click through to see the entire list of photography courses and resources included to see if this package suits your business needs.


Natural Product Photography (w/o Natural Light)

A quick tutorial for shooting product photography at night when you have littles at your feet (or a 9 to 5) during the day.

Not everyone has consistent daytime light that many tutorials call for. This blog post is for the rest of us that shoot during the midnight hours without ‘real’ natural light.

Includes a free Product Photography Checklist for instant download.


Clipping Magic

A hidden gem of a website that allows you to create a white or transparent background for your ecommerce product photos.  These studio photo shots are required for selling on certain platforms and simply nice on the eyes for others.


Photo Light Box with 4 Color Backdrops

  • Serves as a background when shooting products upright to create depth
  • Can be used with direct fluorescent lights which is a bit more economical
  • Very affordable (and includes 4 backgrounds)
  • Easy to store


Softbox Lighting Kit with Double Color Temperature


Light Aluminum Tripod for DSLR (with bag)

Always use a tripod when you can.  It doesn’t have to be fancy at all, just secure enough to hold your camera safely.

This aluminum tripod has a quick release plate and adjustable feet – using a tripod will keep your pictures more clear, ensures that the same amount of light is being let into the camera, and your shots will be lined up the same.


Herb Sampler Kit (for photo props)

While you’ll want some fresh plants to use in your natural product photography as well, having an herbal sampler pack in your photo props kit will save you TONS of time and money.  I purchased a sampler pack in 2009 and I still use it in all of my photo shoots.  You’ll always have props on hand if stored well!