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The BEST compilation of aromatherapy and essential oil gifts you will find, most of which also support small family businesses!

This list of unique gift ideas for the natural living individual includes items that have been handmade, are all-natural, organic, and/or sustainable.

Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom, as we saved the best gift for last!!!

Essential Oil Gift Idea #1:

Handmade Diffuser Necklace

Even the most seasoned essential oil user will LOVE a piece of handmade jewelry that doubles as a diffuser. The delicate silver locket holds absorbant material that a few oils get dripped onto so you can carry any desired scent with you throughout the day.

Four different locket choices AND an optional charm for additional customization. The recipient will be floored with the thought that went into your gift!

These stainless steel beauties are handmade by Shanyn in Brentwood, California (owner of My Beaded Butterly ).

Essential Oil Gift Idea #2:

3 Tier Wooden Essential Oil Storage Box

If you’re not familiar with essential oils, this is your newsflash that they can be E.X.P.E.N.S.I.V.E.

Correct storage (i.e., environment, temperature, light, and container) is imperative to how long essential oils last and how well they work.

This 3-tiered essential oil storage box holds pure oil bottles as well as roller oils – guaranteed to be a WIN for any aromatherapy guru on your list.

Box comes with essential oil labeling stickers and a lifetime guarantee. Win-win-win!

Essential Oil Gift Idea #3:

Kiln Fired Car Diffuser

Take oils on the go with a kiln fired car diffuser that hangs from the rearview mirror with the included cord (various color choices are offered).

The item pictured here is just one of 31 different car diffuser designs available (and pssttt…they can also double as Christmas Tree ornaments or window hangers!). Awesome stocking stuffer idea!!!

These versatile essential oil diffusers are handmade by Yvi in Sarasota, Florida (owner of Kiln Fired Diffusers).

Essential Oil Gift Idea #4:

Aromatherapy Rollers Gift Set

Give the gift of holistic health and wellness with a mix and match set of 3 essential oil roller bottles.

With eight different blends to choose from, you can create a customized natural remedy gift set that fits the recipients needs perfectly!

Aromatherapy solutions for headaches, stress, sleep, focus, hangovers, energy, and more.

Handmade by Christine in St. Louis, Missouri (owner of Treesnail Natural Essentials).

Essential Oil Gift Idea #5:

Lava & Moonstone Diffuser Bracelet

This little diffuser bracelet is soooo dainty-sweet and can go with about a bazillion different fashion statements.

Just put a drop of essential oil onto the lava rock and you can wear your favorite blend throughout the day.

Lemon Sweet Jewelry has several wearable diffuser designs available…gold, silver, necklaces, bracelets, adjustable, non-adjustable, etc. Something for everyone!!!

This simple yet gorgeous essential oil jewelry is handmade by Leslie in Vancouver, Washington (owner of Lemon Sweet Jewelry).

Essential Oil Gift Idea #6:

Gemstone Rollerball Kit

The ‘it’ gift for the aromatherapy queen who (you thought) has it all! A set of 10 gemstone rollerballs to pop on top of your own essential oil blends. It also comes with a metal key so you can switch out the plastic or metal roller that is currently on the bottle! Super easy to switch them out!

Each gemstone has a different energetic property that promotes a greater energy flow. Each stone is natural and untreated, which makes every set unique in appearance.

This set is from Rocky Mountain Oils (a non-MLM company, yahooooo!!!!) and pair beautifully with the roller blends and essential oils they also have available on their site.

Essential Oil Gift Idea #7:

Zen Garden Desktop Diffuser

In need of a natural coworker gift idea? Look no more! This unisex desk diffuser is small enough to work in any space and doesn’t need an electrical outlet like typical essential oil diffusers.

Essential oils are dropped right onto the porous rocks for automatic lasting scent throughout the day. Bonus points for the white sand that has been hand-collected straight from the beaches of Florida!

This aromatherapy gift set is handmade by Yvi in Sarasota, Florida (owner of Kiln Fired Diffusers).

Essential Oil Gift Idea #8:

Enlighten Remote Control Diffuser


I am head over heels in love with this remote control diffuser for SO many reasons. With two littles in the house, we are constantly unplugging our diffusers so that they don’t get pulled off of a shelf. This battery-operated version can stay UP and out of the way, and turned on SUPER easily with the included remote control.

It also doubles as source of subtle light (so lovely for entertaining and overall home decor!), whether the diffuser itself is on or off.

A great diffuser for work spaces that have limited access to outlets as well! This is SOOOO versatile, we LOVE it!!!

Essential Oil Gift Idea #9:

Sleep Enhancing Roller & Organic Lip Balm Set

A small, affordable gift set that anyone will appreciate, even if they’re not on the natural living train (yet).

This handmade set includes an organic shea butter lip balm (it is seriously pure silk on your lips, folks) and an essential oil roller made with a trio of pure carrier oils for quick absorption.

Formulated with relaxing, calming essential oils, this set is perfect to use right before bedtime to help ease into a tranquil state of mind.

Handmade by Christine in St. Louis, Missouri (owner of Treesnail Natural Essentials).

Essential Oil Gift Idea #10:

Herbs & Essential Oils Resource Bundle

Saving THE. BEST. FOR. LAST.  If you have a natural-living-essential-oil-loving-aromatherapy-herbal-everything individual on your hands, THIS IS YOUR WINNING GIFT TO THEM.

A HUGE collection of herb and essential oil resources (eBooks, courses, printables, membership sites, resource guides, recipes, tutorials, etc.) that will provide value to EVERYONE that receives it. They can either be a newbie or already truckin’ on their wellness journey.

Do YOURSELF and the gift recipient a favor and CLICK THROUGH to get more information. Giving the gift of education is the BEST thing, especially when it has to do with health and wellness.

THIS IS A MUST GIFT. Click through to see allllllll the information that is included!!! Absolutely outstanding collection. A HUGE win for the Ultimate Bundles team.

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